Welcome to Reclub

Reclub is an organization committed to shrinking global warming.

Why join Reclub?

You help reduce global warming.

Feel like it’s hard to make the world more environmentally friendly? Join Reclub and make it easier for yourself to make the world a better place!

Make the world more green without leaving home!

It’s free forever.

Join Reclub to pitch in and help make the world smog-free!

This is a coal power plant, one of the main contributors to global warming. Can you see how much smog it is creating? There are coal power plants at this very moment making the world warmer and warmer, hurting wildlife. It is important that you join Reclub today to save the animals!

The cars in this clip contribute to global warming. So do most cars. We can stop this by using electric cars to get around. We can also choose to ride our bikes instead of cars. Do you see how many cars there are? That’s why you should join Reclub today and help us save the planet!

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